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We offer Advertising and Commercial photography in Delhi and all over India

Advertising Photography

It pays to advertise , if you want to reach your target clientele. no wonder that's why advertising is said to be the second oldest profession in the world.

There are many components of good advertising, but nonetheless photographs can safely be said to be the most important one. It not about only to show how the product  looks like , but to make it look so desirable that one cant resist buying it. In a way it's like adding glamour to an object, which may not be otherwise so " good looking".

At  the same time cautions has to be taken not to distort it so much that the buyer is disappointed while seeing  the actual product.

Beside, advertising is always a team work, and though we ourselves have been in the industry for long, we like to take the creative brief from the client and the creative director to be able to deliver exactly what you are looking for.

In advertising photography, we can take care of your entire need from getting the right model to the right attire and then give you ready to use pictures. We also might be able to help you with copyrighting.

Rest, we like our work to do the talking.

Commercial Photography

Though advertising and commercial photography may sound similar, there is a thin line difference. In commercial photography, it's all about the product and it's more like direct approach.

We like to understand the USP of the product  before taking pictures and its target clientele. Commercial photography is crucial as it directly affects the sell and you would know the impact of our photography within no times.

Be it E- Commerce or the showroom sale, the display of good photograph always make a difference. WE shoot almost everything  starting from product, jewelry , any table top, food etc.

We understand that in this era of competition, everyone is walking on a very tight rope, hence we are quite understanding and like to deliver our best within your budget.

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Breathing Space Studio is one of the best professional photography and film making firm in Delhi & NCR. Since Year 2000, the firm is into professional/commercial/ advertising photography and it comprises of a team of professionals, who have an experience of more than 20 years in this field. +More

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