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Lifestyle photography in india.

Without  sounding arrogannt, we can share the fact that there are very few photographers who understand the difference between Fashion, Glamour and Style. Our experience of many years have taught us the difference. Whereas Style is individualistic and all of us are born with some sense of individualistic style. But there are some people who becomes Style icons, like Dev Anand.

Life many not be a bed of roses , still there are few people who take out the time to smell the roses. To them, living and life are two distinct entities. We understand you first, and your point of view of life, before we take pictures.

Hence, to us Liftyle photography means to capture the candid natural moments the way you live. Try Us, we may not disappoint you.

About Us

Breathing Space Studio is one of the best professional photography and film making firm in Delhi & NCR. Since Year 2000, the firm is into professional/commercial/ advertising photography and it comprises of a team of professionals, who have an experience of more than 20 years in this field. +More

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